Zhejiang Dakai Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Liushi, Wenzhou, the capital of China's electrical appliances. Its transportation line radiates to major and medium-sized cities in China. It is close to Yandangshan and Qili Port container terminal, the first-class scenic spot of the country, and is only a few kilometers away from Wenzhou Airport and Railway Station. Its sea, land and air traffic is very convenient. Superior geographical location and flexible market information sources constitute a good condition for the company's development.

Dakai Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturers of electrical fittings and auxiliary die industry. It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and foreign trade. We take meticulous process manufacturing means to create high-quality products; we continue to develop and innovate to meet the needs of each customer as our responsibility. In the process of manufacturing and R&D innovation, we strictly implement the national standards with a rigorous attitude, and in the spirit of being responsible to customers and brands, we strictly carry out quality management in accordance with ISO90021 international standards, striving to close to international standards.

Dakai Electric has strong technical force, advanced testing equipment, exquisite manufacturing technology, and a number of professional technicians. All along, the company specializes in R&D, production and sales of various JP cabinets, meter boxes, power cabinets, PZ30 boxes and other stainless steel boxes. The products sell well both at home and abroad. Our company has advanced production equipment and complete grinding die. At present, our company's main equipment are: laser cutting machine, CNC automatic punch, CNC integrated forming bending machine and so on. Our company's regular stock is sufficient, the year-round continuous goods, and calls to customize all kinds of non-standard boxes, shorter customization period, excellent technology, all finished products are inspected by quality inspectors qualified before leaving the factory. To ensure quality. Honesty, rigor and high quality make us deeply trusted by customers. Nowadays, under the ever-changing market environment, the company keeps pace with the times, improves itself and makes every effort to attack the domestic and foreign markets in line with the strategic thinking of brand effect, technology support and scale operation. We are willing to negotiate and cooperate with colleagues at home and abroad and our customers to build a great future and create brilliance together.