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Product Quality Guarantee Letter of Commitment

Zhejiang Dakai Electric Co., Ltd. has been committed to implementing IS09001 series standards for many years, and has established a perfect quality assurance system. In the process of manufacturing and R&D innovation, we strictly implement the national standards with a rigorous attitude, and in the spirit of being responsible to customers and brands, we strictly carry out quality management in accordance with ISO90021 international standards, striving to close to international standards.

Our company sincerely assures users that:
A. Provide products that conform to product design standards and quality in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract;
B. Strictly check and control the weight of raw materials, components and accessories entering the factory.
C. Provide relevant technical information to users in accordance with the contract and make delivery on time.


Measures for the management of after-sales service of products

To ensure after-sales service, the company has developed service procedures. After-sales service regulations require after-sales service personnel to serve users enthusiastically, sincerely, patiently, meticulously, thoughtfully and timely, and set up a after-sales service department. General after-sales service; Receiving calls at present, that is, arranging personnel to serve on-site to solve various problems. After completing all the service items, the service personnel should also write a "company product after-sales service feedback sheet", specify the feedback content, measures to solve the problem of detention, and ask the user to confirm, sign on the feedback sheet after acceptance, and then take the feedback sheet back to the company for archival filing.